Corporate Social Responsibility

Zain’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR):

Communicating Heart to Heart
(Zain in Iraq’s commitment to the welfare of Iraq goes far beyond providing top-quality mobile and data technology. We at Zain believe it is our responsibility to contribute to the sustainable growth and well being of Iraq’s communities. In the last 3 years, Zain has donated millions of dollars to humanitarian, social and cultural programs across Iraq). Here are highlights of some of the brave work carried out by Zain’s team of CSR professionals:

Humanitarian CSR:
  1. Supporting the Amar Public Health Program (, which cares for over 10,000 patients per month at their fully equipped medical facilities across Iraq.
  2. Distributed 300 tons of food provisions to thousands of families, in 13 Governorates, from poor and deported families.
  3. Quickly distributed food provisions and aid to over 400 victims of flood in Qurana.
  4. Provided financial and humanitarian support to 35 families of a large explosion in Jadiriya, which destroyed large 25 houses.
  5. Set up and supported 2 mobile medical outpatient units, which offered (free of charge) medical services to thousands of people around the country.
  6. Supported the Handicapped Association, organizing and hosting their seminar at the Iraqi Center for Democracy. The seminar documented the rights of the handicapped women and children in an attempt to correspond to the UN Geneva Declaration, as well as showed the effects of conflicts on the rights of the handicapped in Iraq.
  7. Ongoing support to the Association of the Blind, including the donation of 300 brail watches and 300 brail phones.
  8. Renovated the Children Hall in the Central Pediatric Hospital in Iskan.
  9. Sponsored the Anti-Poliomyelitis Vaccination Campaign in cooperation with the Health Ministry, which succeeded in vaccinating the majority of children in Baghdad.
  10. Long track record of supporting and sponsoring the medical treatment of Iraqis who have been afflicted with serious illnesses or conflict related injuries. The company has sent 16 patients overseas for medical treatment, covering all travel and medical related expenses.
  11. Continued support to the welfare of orphaned Iraqi children, through the sponsorship of the International and Iraqi Orphan Days. Zain sponsors 100 orphans per year, as well as aides over 500 widows with food provisions.
  12. Undertaken company blood drives, with more than 80 percent of Zain staff contributing, in support of Iraq medical needs.


Zain’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR):
“Communicating Heart to Heart”

Cultural CSR:
  1. Continued sponsorship of the Arab Music Academy through various activities across the region.
  2. Continued sponsorship and support to the world renowned Iraqi Symphony Orchestra, which has preformed in the famed Albert Hall in London, at the Jarsah festival in Amman and several times in Erbil, Iraq. The Iraqi Symphony Orchestra has brought the Iraqi story to the world, displaying the deep culture and talent of Iraqis, and most importantly, proving there is hope in these times of hardship.
  3. Supported the Historical Studies Center in Basra through the donation of office equipment, computers and technology.
  4. Opened Internet Centers in the University of Kufa, University of Basra and the Olympic Champion School.


Social CSR:
  1. Supporting the Hunting Club (a traditional social gathering point for a great number of people).
  2. Support and participation in Journalism Day, helping to promote freedom of the press and to honor those media veterans and martyrs.
  3. Giving Gold sponsorship to the Fair of the Iraqi-Gulf Meeting due to be held in Bahrain next November.
  4. Provided Diamond Sponsorship for the Erbil International Fair.

Athletic CSR:
Exclusive sponsorship of the Iraqi Football Federation (which includes all the National Football Teams) & the logo of the Iraqi Olympic Committee. Zain sponsorship funded international travel for the team, allowed for better training facilities and the hiring of a well renowned foreign coach, all contributed to the successful triumph in the 2007 Asian Cup.

Produce the hit Iraqi sports song, “Yabo Elghera”, for the Iraqi national football team successful triumph in the 2007 Asian Cup.

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