Zain Iraq is one of the biggest mobile operator in Iraq and at the same time in the Middle East with 1675 employees providing & offering a range of better mobile services and data services to over 10,000,000 million individual and business customers in Iraq at affordable prices. Zain Iraq is committed to create the best possible work environment for all our people. Support the local community, offering employment and creating business opportunities for all. Moreover, our goal is to recruiting young people and starting long-term training programs for staff to cover different specialties.
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Why join us:
Human resources philosophy
We firmly believe that the greatest asset we have is our people.  Our Human Resource reflects this belief.  Our ongoing mission is to create the best possible work environment for all our people. 
Loyalty, Trust, Integrity, and Excellence are the primary drivers behind our philosophy.  We believe we have the greatest work force in the region and are always striving to be better.  Our investment in making this a reality is ongoing. 

  It is our hope that our employees and their families feel the true commitment we have to our personnel and that they carry that message to all they come in contact with.  Our best public relations are a dedicated and content staff.  People who love their work are a testament to what can be accomplished when good people get together for a common purpose.

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