* (January - 2009) Sponsored the Anti-Poliomyelitis Vaccination Campaign in cooperation with the Health Ministry, which succeeded in vaccinating the majority of children in Baghdad.

* (January - 2009) Continued support to the welfare of orphaned Iraqi children, through the sponsorship of the International and Iraqi Orphan Days. Zain sponsors 100 orphans per year, as well as aides over 500 widows with food provisions.

* Giving Gold sponsorship to the Fair of the Iraqi-Gulf Meeting due to be held in Bahrain next November.

* Provided Diamond Sponsorship for the Erbil International Fair.

Art & Cultures:

Continued sponsorship of the Arab Music Academy through various activities across the region.

Continued sponsorship and support to the world renowned Iraqi Symphony Orchestra, which has performed in the famed Albert Hall in London, at the Jarsah festival in Amman and several times in Erbil, Iraq. The Iraqi Symphony Orchestra has brought the Iraqi story to the world, displaying the deep culture and talent of Iraqis, and most importantly, proving there is hope in these times of hardship.


* Exclusive sponsorship of the Iraqi Football Federation (which includes all the National Football Teams) & the logo of the Iraqi Olympic Committee. Zain sponsorship funded international travel for the team, allowed for better training facilities and the hiring of a well renowned foreign coach, all contributed to the successful triumph in the 2007 Asian Cup.

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