Zain is offering its customers a batch of wonderful and diverse entertainment services.

Please note that the listed prices are per page for the received and sent messages.

Multimedia Messages

The multimedia messages contain a collection of divers services (Romance colored pictures, Natural background colored pictures, MP3 songs, Football players MMS-Pictures, Jokes, etc…).

Request for the service:

You can easily request for the service by sending an SMS to the service short code and within a few minutes you will receive the MMS content.

The charging for MMS Infotainment services are per receiving the MMS message.

Bellow is a list of MMS Infotainment services and their prices:

Service Name Short Code Price
Download Romance colored pictures 2200 540 IQD
Download Natural background colored pictures 2201 540 IQD
Download Islamic colored pictures 2202 540 IQD
Download Greetings colored card pictures 2203 540 IQD
Download MP3 real ring tones 2204 540 IQD
Download MP3 songs 2205 540 IQD
Funny MMS-Pictures 2206 540 IQD
Football players MMS-Pictures 2207 540 IQD
Cartoon MMS-pictures 2208 540 IQD
Animation MMS-pictures 2209 540 IQD
Islamic Doaa MP3 2210 540 IQD
Online News MP3 2211 540 IQD
Jokes MP3 2213 540 IQD
Art Pictures Download 2214 540 IQD
Fantasy Pictures Download 2215 540 IQD

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