Zain Iraq has been always offering an indefinite number of interesting products and services which were received well by customers since they meet their growing needs.

Business Plus

"Business Plus" which offers the distinct business and enjoy the customized services and cover all aspects of communication, save money, enrich business and productivity, keep you in touch with discounted prices.

"Business Plus" Line advantages:
  • Join Iraqi business community in Iraq from various institutions and companies in addition to individuals and keep them connected, at a premium price of 0.5 IQD/sec only.
  • Include 100 free local SMS to be enjoyed for the first month.
  • Include 50 megabytes free internet usage to be enjoyed for the first month, to subscribe send 7 to 21777 ( your mobile handset should support GPRS services).
  • Realize savings in your communication expenses improve the team work within your staff and be more efficient in doing business with other members of "Business Plus" community.
  • Get a chance to enjoy upcoming exclusive offers, promotions and privileges only for "Business Plus " community.

Sim Price
Local Calls
Calls among "Business Plus" lines IQD  0.500/sec
Calls to other zain lines IQD 1.25/sec
Calls to other networks IQD 2/sec
Local SMS
SMS to zain lines IQD 25/SMS (08:00 AM - 12:00 AM)
IQD 12/SMS (12:00 AM - 08:00 AM)
SMS to other networks IQD 50 /SMS
International Calls
Calls to International Destinations Start at IQD 295/min
International SMS
SMS to International Destinations IQD 150/SMS
Monthly Fee
Contract up to 49 lines IQD 10,000/Month
Contract up to (50-250 lines) IQD 5,000/Month
Contract above 250 lines Free

"Business plus" line have special discounts on rates for customers across governorates of(Erbil, Sulaymaniyah, Duhok, Salah Al-Din, Kirkuk and Mosul)

  • Discounted prices for calls inside the above mentioned governorates (Fils 750/Sec within Zain & IQD 1.50/Sec to other local networks)
  • Discounted prices for SMS to other local networks inside the above mentioned governorates (IQD 40/SMS)


For a limited period only; sign a long-term contract and get FREE monthly access up to 3 months.

Customers with "Business Plus" have the choice to select one of 3 options of deposit packages based on their needs:

Option A IQD 240,000 IQD 240,000 IQD 720,000
Option B IQD 100,000 IQD 100,000 IQD 350,000
Option C IQD 60,000 IQD 60,000 IQD 180,000

With new line " Business Plus", you can enjoy a variety of services including: GPRS, MMS, BlackBerry, Zain MissU and other attractive services that are designed to meet your needs and demands.

For more details visit Zain's main shops.

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