Zain Iraq has been always offering an indefinite number of interesting products and services which were received well by customers since they meet their growing needs.


BlackBerry® Solutions by Zain

No matter what your business or individual needs are, a BlackBerry solution with Zain is available to help you accomplish more by keeping you in touch with up-to-date information with your office, friends and family wherever you are.

  • BES: BlackBerry® Enterprise Solution
  • BIS: BlackBerry® Internet Solution 
  • BES+: Both BES and BIS (same fees as BES)
  • New BlackBerry® Complete service
  • New BlackBerry® Social service

With BlackBerry you can have your emails* on the go, use calendar applications, manage your contacts, surf websites wherever you are, keep in touch with your contacts via instant messaging services** and social network applications***, use the numerous available applications on BlackBerry and much more !

BlackBerry® Solution for Businesses:

Take your business to the next level with the BlackBerry solution and choose from one of the below Zain packages for postpaid customers:

PackageData CapMonthly fees
Now you can get all the benefits of the BlackBerry solution on your existing mailing system**** Unlimited1 25,000 IQD
Get your own professional email address from Zain. You can also get all the benefits of the BlackBerry solution Unlimited1 69,000 IQD
1 Fair usage policy of 1 GB data

In addition to your corporate email account****, Zain offers you free access to 10 of your personal email accounts* on your BlackBerry.It is available at Zain Corporate Sales channels.

* Currently supported Email accounts are:
POP3/ISP, IMAP,Outlook Web Access (OWA), AOL® Mail, MSN®, Hotmail®, Yahoo! Mail, Microsoft Exchange®, IBM Lotus® Domino, Novell groupWise.
** Instant Messaging Applications include:
(BlackBerry, MSN, Yahoo!) Messenger, Google Talk, AOL®,etc.
*** Social networking applications include:
Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, etc.
**** Currently supporting mailing systems are:
Microsoft Exchange®, IBM Lotus® Domino, Novell groupWise

BlackBerry® Solution for Individuals:

Choose from the below BlackBerry packages available to both postpaid and prepaid users:

FeaturesBISBlackBerry CompleteBlackBerry Social
BlackBerry Mail (
Email* Integration to BlackBerry 10 1
BlackBerry Messenger (BBM)
Internet Browsing
Social Networking Applications
Instant Messaging Applications
Third-Party applications

How to subscribe:

Send a subscription keyword of the preferable offer in an SMS to 2055

PackagesData CapFeesKeyword
BIS Lite monthly 500 MB IQD 19,000 1
Pro monthly Unlimited2 IQD 29,000 2
Complete monthly 500 MB IQD 16,000 3
Social monthly 250 MB IQD 9,000 4
Social daily 50 MB IQD 500 5
2 Fair usage policy of 2 GB data

How to create an email account:
  • Menu Button  
  • Setup
  • E-mail settings (You can find it inside setup folder or at the home screen)
  • Enter an existing email account or create a BlackBerry email account from the available options.
  • Next

Terms and conditions:
  • Usage above Cap for businesses solutions will be charged IQD 12 per 10 KB.
  • Usage above Cap for individual solutions will lead to offers cancellation.
  • Cost of service usage while roaming is charged according to the GPRS roaming tariff of the visited country.
  • If the customer desires to stream Video through or any other website or application, the device will switch the connection to the Internet. Therefore, the customer will be charged for the normal internet usage according to the data consumption.
  • Using BlackBerry provisioned SIM card on any unit such as Mobile Phone, PC, Laptop, modems or any device other than BlackBerry, will not be considered a free usage & therefore will be charged according to the internet service.

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