Zain is offering its customers a batch of wonderful and diverse entertainment services.

Please note that the listed prices are per page for the received and sent messages.

Information Services

These are the services which provide useful information to the end user. The User interest comes in from the personal component of the content. E.g. Information on news, Currency exchange, translation services etc. Bellow is a list of information services.

Service Name Short Code Price
Jawbni  2333 IQD 1200
Translation 2330 IQD 600 
Weather news 9902 IQD 180
Date and time 9903 IQD 75
Head line News 9911 IQD 384 
Sport news Headline   9912 IQD 180 
Wise Statement 9922 IQD 180 
Do U know 9931 IQD 120 
Dollar Price Inquiry 9930 IQD 75
Born on this day 9934 IQD 120
Marriage life Advice 9936 IQD 120 
Diet Advices 9942 IQD 120
Quick Dishes 9945 IQD 120

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