Zain Iraq has been always offering an indefinite number of interesting products and services which were received well by customers since they meet their growing needs.

How to get a line.

If you want to get postpaid line and benefit from the low tariff as well as a wide range of services that fits your business needs and demands; all you have to do is to follow these steps:

  1. Visit one of zain main shops or contact one of our corporate sales executives.
  2. Give the needed documents to our representative.
  3. You can choose the line number (golden, platinum and platinum +) or normal.
  4. Pay the activation fee and the line monthly fee (one month in advance).
  5. Pay the line deposits- which is a reserved amount, specified according to the service chosen by the customer. This amount is refundable at least one month after canceling or invaliding the service.
  6. Sign the Postpaid line contract and get the line.

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