Roaming Services

Zain Iraq provides International Roaming service to all mobile customers while travelling outside Iraq. We have Roaming services with 394 operators and 138 countries and this number will increase continuously.

Internet Roaming

1) Internet (GPRS) Roaming for Zain Iraq postpaid customers:   With Zain Iraq, if you’re a postpaid customer then you can keep using GPRS to browse the internet and check your emails. No change on the handset setting is required.  For more information on how Zain Iraq customers can register to the internet service, please call 107 inside Iraq or 009647802999107 from outside Iraq. 

  • In case the service is not already activated, you can call 107 from Zain Iraq network or 009647802999107 from outside Iraq to have more information about the service activation. 

Internet service works on the following networks:
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Zain offers the internet service during roaming for prepaid lines 

If you are a prepaid subscriber of Zain Iraq you can keep using the internet service for browsing and reading emails and follow up social media sites.
As usual in presenting all new services , Zain offers a new service for the roaming prepaid subscribers .

Benefits of Prepaid Internet Roaming from Zain :

  • No need for any subscription as the service is already activated for free
  • Wide coverage for most of the countries around the world
  • Fair prices
  • No need to change your handset setting as the local setting is the same during roaming.

Internet service works on the following networks:
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If the internet service not activated previously you can call the customer care center on (107) from inside Iraq or on (009647802999107) from outside Iraq.

For more information about service activation or prices of roaming services please visit Zain Iraq website


2)  Internet(GPRS) Roaming for postpaid visitors under Zain Iraq network:
While being inside Iraq, postpaid visitors can roam and use internet roaming service. Check the availability of your network from the following: 
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