Roaming Services

Zain Iraq provides International Roaming service to all mobile customers while travelling outside Iraq. We have Roaming services with 394 operators and 138 countries and this number will increase continuously.

One Network

One Network will enable customers to enjoy the Pan-African/Middle East community and to enable them to move freely between the countries in which Group operates, while retaining their home network service functionality.

By using One Network service you can:

  • Make outgoing calls/SMS at the same way and at the same rates (the same call charges) as local customers.
  • Being able to keep the same phone number and SIM card across both operations.
  • Being able to enjoy with One office feature which will enables using the GPRS services (access the internet, BlackBerry and Send MMS) as per the visited network local tariff, and without changing the device setting.
  • All received calls cost IQD 180 per minute. 

The countries that are currently participating in One Network:

Middle East: Iraq, Jordan, KSA, Bahrain, Sudan and Kuwait* 

Africa: Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Niger, Chad, Malawi, Gabon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Congo Brazzaville, Burkina Faso.

 *Operates with One office feature only

While being in the One Network you can:

  • Recharge with local top up cards by dialing 138* followed by the hidden number then CALL
  • You can recharge your Prepaid Line using the local top up recharge cards through*101# then the hidden 16 digits number then # then OK or CALL
  • Customer can check account balance at any time free of charge by dialing*100# (always displayed in home network currency).
  • Customer can contact customer care by dialing familiar home network short code.

Kindly note that payment will follow the normal prices when using other networks than zain while being inside the one network countries.


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