April 26, 2011

Press Release

 Zain in Arbil

ZAIN Iraq, since the beginning, has been keen to work according to world standards – a fact that made it use the most upgraded mobile telecom technologies. And this has been conducive to success in the light of which its subscribers have now exceeded 12 millions. Lately, Zain Iraq service launching in Kurdistan Region was considered but one more step towards increasing its subscriber base through its deliberate expansion .In Kurdistan, it was warmly and gladly received by people who were quite happy to see the biggest telecom company expand its network in their region. The launching ceremony was widely covered by local, regional and international media and attended by KR government officials as well as by Arab and foreign diplomats.
Being the largest telecom network in the country whether in the number of subscribers or the various services, Zain Iraq was quite sure of its success despite the fact that there were other telecom operators. But Zain who believes in honest competition works diligently to offer its services that now exceed 1200 to all people of the region. Its success since the beginning in Iraq is attributed to its accrued experience and huge expertise in telecom field.
Zain Iraq believes that the increasing number of subscribers is the truest vote by Iraqi people to confirm that it is the best service-and-charges-wise company. It , therefore, owns 4 million subscribers more than the second nearest operator. And this explains the trust of people in the corporate unlimited and gigantic potentialities that run fast to offer the most upgraded and entertaining services.
In the light of the wide scale success, the company determines to trespass challenges the last of which is the ranges issue which was improperly handled. This issue has resulted in confusion due to inter disconnection which unfortunately Asiacell speeded up to undertake; this has added more hardships to Iraqi people, be they Zain Iraq subscribers or Asiacell’s.
Zain Iraq is quite certain that it can convince all parties of its genuine proceeding in this regard depending on law which no doubt will lead to success. At the same time, it diligently works to maintain good and strong relations with CMC and other telecom operators in a way that serves people best. Zain believes that such challenges have not in fact taken it away from progress. On the contrary, they gave it an added and strong momentum to introduce more upgraded offers such as prepaid lines BlackBerry service and the internet.
Zain Iraq believes in future and a beautiful world for all Iraqis; hence it will never hesitate to maintain its potentialities and highly developed expertise to serve them.

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